YIELD.app Welcomes Its First Users

2 min readDec 16, 2020

This is it! Our YLD token is now live, and we are releasing our platform to our early adopters. Brace yourselves, the wait is almost over!

You can now buy and trade YLD, but not yet use it for what it was really intended: boosting your APY on YIELD.app to 20%. We know that many of you can’t wait to try it, so we are pleased to announce that the time has finally come for our first release.

How to access YIELD.app

From today, we will start to gradually release our platform to 50 randomly selected users by email every 24h, so make sure to sign up for early access!

Those selected for will be able to start using the very first available version of the YIELD web app and suggest ways to improve it before the full release. We value our community’s feedback, and this will be an opportunity for our early adopters to invest in the DeFi Alpha I fund and test our crypto wallet using USDT, USDC and YLD tokens.

And remember that the YLD token allows you to boost your annual percentage yield (APY) to 20%, earn up to 10% APY on your tokens and support our ecosystem. With 300,000,000 YLD in total in an estimated 5 years distribution scheme, and if every owner held them in their YIELD.app wallets, only 15,000 users would be able to hold the 20,000 YLD required to access the highest reward tier, so don’t miss your chance!

Here’s a guide on how to buy YLD.

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome all of you very soon on YIELD.app!




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