YIELD App teams up with Constellation for cross-chain capability

3 min readMar 19, 2021
YIELD App and Constellation

As part of our ongoing work to expand the DeFi universe by building relationships with leading crypto projects and platforms, YIELD App is pleased to announce its partnership with the Constellation Network and its primary exchange, Lattice.

One of the most cutting-edge projects in crypto, the Constellation Network is harnessing the power of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology to build a fully scalable blockchain able to handle the big data needs of the modern world.

Through the Stargazer Wallet, a browser wallet designed specifically for transferring $DAG — the native currency within the Constellation Network — users will be able to seamlessly transfer assets across different blockchains.

YLD on Lattice Exchange

The Constellation team will also explore opportunities to integrate YIELD App into the Stargazer Wallet, giving users the chance to take advantage of passive income opportunities powered by YIELD App and earn APYs of up to 20%. We will also work to bolster DeFi integration for the users of the Lattice Exchange by contributing liquidity to liquidity pools on the global cross-chain liquidity platform, due to launch in 2021.

“We are proud to partner with Lattice Exchange as YIELD App shares the same passion for reaching as many people as possible to help them better understand the opportunities available in the crypto-economy,” said Tim Frost, founder, and CEO of YIELD App.

He adds: “We are building a seamless and safe platform that provides our users with access to the best of decentralized finance, all in one place. We are thrilled to be able to extend that to Lattice users, giving them easy and fast access to market-beating APYs.”

Corporate treasury for Constellation projects

The partnership will also see YIELD App become an integral part of the Constellation Network ecosystem. We will provide corporate treasury management solutions for “L_0” applications and token projects built on Constellation’s Hypergraph, a ledger based on DAG architecture. This will enable developers to easily manage their funds and focus on constructing hyper-scalable applications.

“DeFi is one of the most promising new frontiers for the crypto space, and we cannot be more excited about partnering with YIELD App to bring new opportunities in this field to the Constellation ecosystem,” said Mathias Goldmann, Co-Founder and COO of Constellation Network.

Goldmann continued by saying, “Constellation and Lattice are pushing the envelope on fast and scalable technologies for digital entrepreneurs YIELD App is innovating on digital finance for retail and company customers. By working with YIELD App we bring new exciting opportunities to the Constellation ecosystem.”

About Constellation Network

Constellation Network Inc. is a decentralized network and ecosystem that enables seamless and secure communications between big data infrastructures and blockchain networks. They provide a framework for entrepreneurs to build scalable applications and mint tokens using their fee-less distributed network, called Hypergraph. The company utilizes a directed acyclic graph architecture, and a reputation-based consensus mechanism, to provide speed, security, and scalability for their native digital currency, $DAG.

Lattice Exchange is a DeFi platform for cross-chain liquidity. Lattice will provide a suite of solutions that range from cross-chain interoperability and swapping, governance and a project launchpad to rewards programs.


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