YIELD App partners with Launchpool, provides corporate accounts for DeFi projects

3 min readMar 11, 2021

In another leading DeFi partnership, YIELD App is proud to announce it is teaming up with Launchpool to offer projects that fundraise through the exciting new launchpad access to the YIELD App Corporate Account along with 20,000 $YLD tokens, granting each account “Tier 5” status and access to 20% APY.

Launchpool is an innovative new platform offering investors of all sizes equal access to DeFi project presales and initial decentralized exchange offerings (IDOs). When projects fundraise on Launchpool, those holding $LPOOL tokens will have the same access to deals as private sale investors. This allows the platform to bring together stakeholders on an equal footing, harnessing their strengths and aligning interests.

YIELD App bridges the divide between traditional finance and the cutting-edge world of DeFi with an intuitive, secure platform that offers market-beating APYs of up to 20% on digital assets. On our platform, users are able to deposit and invest both USDT and USDC as well as buy and hold YLD in-wallet. The recent launch of our Ethereum fund on 4 March was a particular success, meeting with significant demand from Ether (ETH) holders keen to take advantage of up to 20% APY.

The partnership between YIELD App and Launchpool was facilitated by Alphabit, one of eight founding funds to seed the Launchpool platform. One of the world’s first regulated digital asset investment funds, Alphabit specializes in investments in blockchain and distributed ledger technology projects. Its goal is to share expertise with promising projects and advance the cryptocurrency movement as a whole.

“We are truly excited to partner with Launchpool, which the team has been watching with interest since its inception this year,” says Tim Frost, CEO of YIELD App. “Launchpool’s mission to provide an equal playing field for investors of all sizes to participate in new project launches is entirely in line with YIELD App’s philosophy of making DeFi and its opportunities for wealth creation available to everyone, regardless of levels of capital or experience. This marks a further step along the YIELD App journey that will see us widening corporate participation in our platform experience.”

Richard Simpson, CEO of Launchpool, adds: “YIELD App represents the quality and ethos of partner Launchpool seeks to work with. We are very pleased to be announcing this partnership. Tim and his team have built a quality product and service that is open to all. We think their offering allows participants in the space to benefit from all the opportunities without having a lot of the headaches. We are pleased to offer the YIELD App Corporate Account as a trusted custodian and treasury management solution.”

Our partnership with Launchpool is a strong alignment of interests and goals that will allow YIELD App to continue on its mission to democratize the DeFi space as we support retail investors to participate in some of the most innovative new projects on equal footing with bigger investors and funds. The alliance will also support our loyal YIELD App platform users, who will benefit from the enhanced capability that comes with increased market visibility and assets under management.

In addition, Launchpool projects that take advantage of a YIELD App Corporate Account and current YIELD App users will have access to the additional funds, fiat ramps, in-app token swaps and card services that we plan to launch in the near future. As YIELD App continues on its current growth path, our products, services, capabilities and market reach will expand to meet the needs of a continually evolving and increasingly discriminating DeFi audience.

We believe that partnerships are an important part of this journey, particularly those with projects that are, like YIELD App, striving to widen participation in the wealth creation opportunities currently available in DeFi. In addition to Launchpool, to date we have announced alliances with key pillars of the DeFi ecosystem, including Finxflo, Chainlink, Trustswap, Bitgo and BnkToTheFuture and we plan to publish details of many more in weeks and months to come.




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