YIELD App Partners With DefiGo to Boost Exposure in the Chinese Market

We are proud to announce our partnership with DefiGo, a leading blockchain service provider and community in China. The DefiGo community has attracted over 24,000 DeFi miners, investors and developers interested in DeFi, with over 60 WeChat and Telegram groups. Our partnership with DefiGo allows us to expand our influence in the Chinese market by promoting YIELD App through events and publicity.

“DefiGo is a leader in the blockchain analytics space and we see them as a long-term partner as blockchain-based assets and traditional finance continue to merge. We understand the importance of finding established, professional partners that can help us connect with the Chinese community,” says Tim Frost, CEO and founder of YIELD App.

Based in Shanghai, DefiGo provides comprehensive services for all parts of the blockchain industry.

“We are excited to have partnered with one of the fastest-growing projects in DeFi. YIELD App solves many of DeFi’s security issues, and we share their vision of facilitating mainstream adoption of DeFi apps. We believe blockchain technology that is secure and compliant plays a crucial role in building trust,” said Ben Ji, co-founder of DefiGo.

YIELD App’s partnership with DefiGo helps our platform reach one of the world’s largest and most vital crypto markets. It also allows us to expand our exposure in other regions such as South Korea, India and Japan. We are thrilled to have DefiGo as a partner to navigate the essential and emerging markets throughout Asia.



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