Launchpool offers 1.5m YLD in new Pop-Up-Pool

As part of our latest partnership with exciting new DeFi launchpad project Launchpool, on Monday 15 March 1,500,000 $YLD will be made available for farming in an exclusive Pop-Up-Pool (PUP) on the Launchpool platform.

The brand-new DeFi launchpad has been trialing PUPs with great success. The first $20,000 PUP that was made available was snapped up by users keen to earn tokens that will allow them to participate in exciting new project launches in the future.

From Monday until 15 April, YLD will be available as rewards for those that stake $LPOOL on Launchpool. The total supply will be distributed to $LPOOL holders that stake into one of the three YLD pools.

Like YIELD App, Launchpool is aiming to fully democratize the DeFi space. It is doing so by allowing investors of any size to take part in presales on an equal footing with investment funds, influencers and capital-rich investors.

Anyone that holds the $LPOOL token will be able to participate in new project launches, with allocation entirely dependent on the amount held and then staked. Currently, Launchpool is operating an $LPOOL farming period, with users able to stake a range of tokens in return for $LPOOL.

“Our inclusion in Launchpool’s latest PUP is a really exciting opportunity for us”, says Tim Frost, CEO of YIELD App. “In addition to supporting new projects fundraising on the platform with a YIELD Corporate Account, we are pleased to give Launchpool users the opportunity to farm YLD. We are thrilled to support the platform in these early days and will be watching the progress of the pool with interest.”

Richard Simpson, CEO of Launchpool, adds: “This is such a huge giveaway by Launchpool, I’m extremely happy to have YIELD App onboard with this. The opportunity for us to view our community’s behavior as they stake for these impressive rewards will go a long way to us forming our phase 2 distribution methods. I’m also very grateful to Alphabit for helping make this possible.”

For full information on YIELD App’s partnership with Launchpool, head to our Medium post. And to stake your $LPOOL for $YLD head over to Launchpool’s staking portal:

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